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When wine has been poured, you must drink it, especially if its good! (Marcel Pagnol)


The history of the domain begins with a family of wine-growers who had been living in Saint-Emilion and Pomerol for several generations, and developed their know-how borne of a passion for quality wine. Later in 1993, Jean-Pierre and Sabine Clauzel took over the Château La Grave Figeac, a truly remarkable domain in an ideal location. Their son, Laurent, took over the reins in 1996 and now manages all the technical aspects of the vineyard and wine cellars with an overarching objective in mind: to showcase the unique terroir.

In 2005, through their shared enthusiasm for good-looking, fine wines, friendship and family ties, Laurent and his wife Caroline, childhood sweethearts who met at school, embarked on their own adventure. Since then, proud of their profession and their domain, the couple have worked to produce an unpretentious wine that reflects their values and echoes their respect for the incredible qualities of the plentiful soil where the wine began its journey.  They feel strongly about these values and their ambition is to convey them in the wine they produce.