He who knows how to taste does not drink wine but savours secrets. (Salvador Dali)


At the Château La Grave Figeac, nature has toiled patiently to create soil particularly favourable to wine-growing. The terroir is composed of sandy/gravelly soil with a firm, stony subsoil rich in iron-oxide and has three essential qualities:

  • It is warm and therefore encourages the grapes to ripen early.
  • It has a porous structure, so rainwater drains off well.
  • It does not hold water and so the vines have to grow deep roots.

At full maturity and an average age of 45 years, the vine population comprises 65% Merlot, smooth and well-rounded, and 35% Cabernet Franc, which gives the wine structure and sophistication. The vineyard is renewed by replacing any vine stocks that have died off during the year. This process is called racotage.

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