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Here the soil expresses its identity and gives the vines their exceptional qualities


Caroline and Laurent CLAUZEL have chosen to work in this way and everything is done to make sure that the vineyards are tended to with the utmost care and respect, because the potential quality of a wine begins in the soil where the vines take root. Each vine stock is nurtured to improve the quality of the grapes by desuckering (removing unwanted buds) and shoot thinning. The grapes are harvested by hand, one grape variety at a time and plot by plot, then sorted by hand on tables to select only the highest quality grapes.
The Clauzel’s values are also found in the vinification process done without using sulphur, which allows the wine to express its full potential.
The wines are matured in oak barrels for 11 to 15 months and tasted on a regular basis to check their development, then sent to vats to be assembled and fined by adding egg whites. Finally, the wine is bottled.
In 2009, the domain began the transition to organic wine-growing. The first organic wine- label was produced in 2012.